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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

1998 Starting Lineup Basketball Archive Pictures

SLU National Collectors Convention


Starting in 1994 Kenner promoted an Annual Starting Lineup Collectors Convention in Cincinnati. They added a couple of cities over the years eventually featuring a annual East, West, and Midwest convention plus a Southern Convention. At these conventions Kenner displayed the latest SLU products, answered questions, and artist demonstrated the production process.  

Most of the conventions were Saturday & Sunday and admission tickets were $5 a day. Dealers and officials wore these laminated badges at different conventions to identify themselves.
Convention Tickets

Dealer Badges
Starting in 1995 Kenner sold a Special Convention only Figure  at each show. The figures were usually limited to 5,000, and at later conventions a limited edition variation was raffled off for charity. And at select conventions signed one-of-a-kind prototypes with a certificate of authenticity were also auctioned for charity...
Convention Variations List (ltd. to 500)
John Elway (shoulder numbers)
Jerry Rice (white shorts)
Barry Sanders (shoulder numbers)
Derek Jeter (blue gloves) (ltd. to 350)
Mark McGwire (red shinguard)
Wayne Gretzky (shoulder numbers)

The following is a group of programs from the various conventions around the country from 1994-2000 with a list of the exhibitors....  
2000 New Jersey

1997 California

1994 Cincinnati

1995 California
1995 Cincinnati

1996 Cincinnati
1996 California
2000 Cincinnati

1999 Cincinnati

1997 Atlanta

1997 New Jersey

1997 Cincinnati